The Wine Store is a cool place to have a party! It's an intimate and unusual background for your small group events.  Due to our open connection with The Tavern we're best suited to social events that don't need to accommodate speeches and audio-visual.  

Parties and Dinners

With our existing furniture we can do cocktail parties for 25 and seated dinners for 16.  If we add on some rented tables and chairs we can expand those numbers up to 50 for cocktails and 40 for dinner.  

Food is provided by The Tavern and the choices are vast, including full access to The Tavern's menu, limited access to the Tarbell's menu, and a special Catering menu that includes guest favorites from through the years.  

Wine Tastings

Of course we love to help you put together Wine Tastings.  We categorize these as Formal or Informal.

 An informal Tasting will be set up somewhat like a cocktail party, while a Formal Tasting will be a seated educational event.

The Catering menu will give you more information on Private Events options, including service and cost structures.